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Looking at the 2021-22 Camas School District Budget

This morning, Jeremiah Stephen and I met with Jasen McEathron, the CSD Director of Business Services, to review the current district budget and learn more about the process.

I’ve been pretty well versed in the CSD budget as I’ve reported on it for several years.

What I didn’t know is that the state doesn’t send its major funding payments to CSD until the latter part of the school year, which is one of many reasons they like to hold onto fund balance ($17.3 million now).

Like most, if not all districts in the state, CSD is operating on a deficit, which is primarily due to COVID enrollment gyrations. Current enrollment is 6,800, which is far below the pre-pandemic number of 7,262. Enrollment dropped to 6,782 during the pandemic.

The 2021-22 budget is set at $114.4 million, with anticipated revenues at $107.9 million. McEathron uses a projected student enrollment count at 7,108 (recovering half of enrollment loss) in his budget assumptions. The deficit is $6.5 million, and the budget plans to use $6.5 million of CSD’s fund balance (reserves) to offset that, which leaves us with an ending fund balance of $10.8 million.

Fund balance has seen larger swings than normal due the McCleary legislation and COVID impacts. 

Approximately 89% of the budget is personnel. Most district budgets in the state operate at 85% personnel, McEathron said.

Some quick facts:

  • Certificated Staffing: 479 FTE (includes 31 principal and central office administration).
  • Classified Staffing: 289 FTE
  • 77% of CSD’s revenue comes from the state.
  • 19% of CSD’s revenue comes from levies and local revenues.
  • 3% of CSD’s revenue comes from the federal government.
  • 1% of CSD’s revenue comes from other entities.
  • CSD received a much smaller percentage of COVID relief funding than other districts in SW Washington. I need to find out why that is.

McEathron is open to speak to any member of our community, and I even got to take home the 155 page budget for my reading enjoyment.

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