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Excellence in public education has been a hallmark of the Camas community for years, and families have long been drawn to Camas for the reputation of our schools. He believes that a proper education is essential to be successful in life, and agrees that it doesn’t have to look the same for every child. Partnering with teachers, district staff and other school board members will be essential to achieving the excellence for which we have been known. Ernie’s strong desire to make sure the district is providing the best educational opportunities for our students is more necessary than ever after the gap that school closures created. 


Ernie’s efforts on the School Board will focus on regular, clear communication with the community. Keeping his attention on issues that are important to families in Camas, he is committed to improving communications between the District and constituents. He values a face-to-face experience, intending to sit down regularly with families and voters to listen and engage and ensure that the School Board members are keeping their focus on what is important to who elected them. He also wants to bring clarity and simplicity to the public on the budgeting process.

Back to the Basics

Ernie wants to help facilitate our schools getting back to doing what they do best. And removing distractions and streamlining processes is critical to making happen. Exceptional education can be measurable and achievable when we are providing opportunities for seeing and serving every student, from our most accelerated to our most at risk. He wants to help schools remain engaged in teaching kids how to think critically and not teaching kids what to think. The life skills that are necessary for all of our students to be successful, wherever their path takes them, need to be supported.

Ernie Geigenmiller For Camas School Board
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